ARK News Of The Week 42


Hello Survivors! It’t time again for the ARK News of the past week. You’re excited what has changed and what happened? Then let’s go!

Ultimate Survivor Edition for Switch got delayed

It’s not a real delay since even the 25th was more like a “nice to have” date than a fixed date, like I mentioned before in the Ultimate Switch article I wrote for the announcement. The delay will until beginning of November for NA and EU will get it after. How much after we don’t know yet. Maybe we will get infos on that. But we did get a trailer for the Switch version:

Grovestreet Games publishes “Returning Players Guide”

On the ARK Forum on the official site, Grovestreet Games has published a Returning Players Guide, where you can read all about the upcoming Switch update. There is also a list of things you need to have prepared before downloading and installing the update:

manticore arena switch

  • Remove items from Hot Bar slots 9 & 10
  • Do not have any in-progress tames or crafting recipes

The following things can happen with after the update:

  • Foliage may re-appear inside your base
  • You may lose any custom Options settings
  • Any structures left ‘on’ will automatically be turned ‘off’
  • Fog of War will be reset on your in-game map
  • Your Level Up & Engram Points may need to be reapplied
  • You may need to re-discover any previously unlocked Explorer Notes

Not too bad. Nothing here should be a big issue to the players to begin with.

Fear Evolve 6 has started

Fear Evolved 6 2022

The Halloween Event Fear Evolve 6 has started. You can find my article on how the event mechanic works here. If you are like me, and you are trying out Svartalfheim during the event, and you want to enable Skeleton and Ghost creatures as well, check out the little guide I wrote on how to set these up with Simple Spawners. Since this is the last Halloween Event, I hope you all enjoy playing through it and that you get a lot and a lot of nice creatures during the event.

Extra-Life starts at November 5th

ark extralive event 2022

Extra-Life is usually the event where we not only do a ton for the kids but also where we get the latest news and info drops by the developers of ARK. For this year we expect a lot of infos on ARK 2, The Animated Series and the Switch Version if it hasn’t dropped by then.

If you want to read about the charity this event is for, then check out this website here.

Halloween Building by MIO@ARK

halloween build

Watch the little video clip of this Halloween Building on Genesis 2. I love the details on this one so much. The ARK community is so creative!

And that was the news for this week. I hope you continue to enjoy your Fear Evolved adventures!