About Us

TiiaauroraTiiaAurora is an ARK veteran who is actively involved in ARK Survival Evolved and now ARK Survival Ascended. She started her ARK journey 2015 when the game was released into Early Access and spent her time exploring and analyzing game mechanics. One of the things she researched most during her 13.000 hours play time is the breeding mechanic in ARK. As one of the first creators she published articles and videos that were later refererenced by the ARK Wiki and even the game developers of ARK. Tiia runs two YouTube channels in English and German in which she informs, educates and reviews everything ARK from new releases, patchnotes, and news ans gives her opinion and assessment about all that happens around the releases of Studio Wildcard. As the main author of the ARK Magazine she transforms the video content into easily digestible articles for people to refer to when they look for advice. With over 13000 hours in ARK, her game time even surpasses that of  many gamedevelopers themselves. Tiia had a lot of time to gather knowledge about all little oddities in the game mechanics and as someone who follows the game since it’s release, she has a unique view on the evolution of the game during the years. Before giving lessons in ARK Survival Evolved and Ascended she produced educational content on cat genetics and breeding for people who wanted to learn about cat breeding and especially the risks that come with it. Genetics is one of her favorite topics to talk about and ARKs in depth breeding system fit right into her interests.