Breeding is a core mechanic in ARK. It makes it possible to create stronger creatures than wild available to defeat the strongest bosses.

Structures Plus ARK

Breeding with Structures Plus+

Structures Plus+  is a mod made by orionsun first released 26 Jul, 2016. It has been a staple for modded servers ever since. S+ (short for Structures Plus+) adds a lot of quality of life changes to the core mechanics of ARK. One of these core mechanics is breeding and S+ does a lot for […]

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ARK Basics Breeding

5 mistakes that slow down your mutation breeding

When breeding for mutations and practising mutation stacking, you can run into the problem of progressing way too slow. Sometimes this is just bad luck, other times you have influence over the speed of the mutation happening. I will tell you the 5 most common reasons why your mutation stacking is progressing way too slow. […]

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Rex Guide
ARK Basics Bosses Breeding Featured Taming

Rexes: Taming, Feeding, Breeding and what to level

Rexes have probably been THE flagship dinosaur for the ARK franchise. Not only was the Rex in ARK 1’s first trailer, they continued the legacy by also putting a Rex hunt into the first Trailer of ARK 2. Since its release Rexes have been used for all heavy duty fighting tasks. This guide will help […]

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ARK Basics Bosses Breeding Featured Taming

Therizinosaurus: Taming, Feeding, Breeding and what to level

The Therizinosaurus or how we call it – The Tickle Chicken – is one of most popular herbivores in the game ARK Survival Evolved. Therizinos are probably the most used herbivore for bossing as well, so we will look into why this is the case as well. Want to learn a bunch about Therizinos? Let’s […]

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How many females are needed
ARK Basics Breeding Featured

How many females per male are needed for a high mutation chance?

If you want to breed for mutations, you need to provide a certain amount of females per male to get the highest possible and reasonable mutation chance. I have been asked very often how many females are needed to get a guaranteed mutation. First there is unfortunately not such a thing as guaranteed mutations, but […]

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Breeding Genesis 2 Taming

Maewing – Taming Feeding, Breeding and what to level

Let’s learn something about the Maewing. This is a creature that was introduced in the game with the DLC Genesis 2. The Meawing is unique in many of its characteristics and helpful no matter what stage of the game you are in. The name Maewing is very reminiscent of the name Mei Yin. cccc

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find out the statpoints without mods

How to see level points in stats without mods in ARK Survival Evolved

If you watched breeding guides, you probably heard about stat points or level points before. Those are the points that go into a stats and then calculates the raw stats this way. We talked about it briefly in the Incubator article. But while modded servers have spyglasses like Awesome Spyglass that make it easy to see those points, unmodded or console players can’t use these tools. I will show you how you can figure out the stats anyway.

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Everything you need to know about the incubator
Breeding Genesis 2

How does the Incubator in ARK Survival Evolved work?

The incubator in ARK Survival Evolved is a structure that was added with Genesis 2. It has proven to be the most handy tool for ARK Breeders in its very short time of existence. And this article will explain to you how it works.

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How do mutation work in ARK Survival Evolved
Breeding Featured

How do mutations in ARK Survival Evolved actually work?

You are interested in the nerdiest of the nerdiest topics in ARK Survival Evolved? Breeding and mutations? This is your article! How do mutations work? How do we get double and triple mutations? You will learn this and much more in this article.

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