Therizinosaurus: Taming, Feeding, Breeding and what to level


The Therizinosaurus or how we call it – The Tickle Chicken – is one of most popular herbivores in the game ARK Survival Evolved. Therizinos are probably the most used herbivore for bossing as well, so we will look into why this is the case as well. Want to learn a bunch about Therizinos? Let’s go!

Therizinosaurus Roles

What are Therizinosaurus used for? I have to say that Theris are probably one of the most versatile Dinosaurs in ARK Survival Evolved. They are used for all kind of farming, Bossing, PvPing. In your play through you really don’t want to miss out on its abilities. 


On which maps do Therizinos spawn?

Therizinos spawn on all maps excluding Scorched Earth and Aberration. While you can bring them to Scorched Earth via Obelisk- or Cryopod transfer, you will not be able to unpod them on Aberration, because they are a blocked creature there to keep the balance of the map. The ARK-Wiki will give you exact spawn maps for every map available, so you don’t have to search for too long when trying to find your own Therizino.

Therizinosaurus Taming

Taming a Therizinosaurus can be challenging in itself. They are highly aggressive, fast and their torpor drop is crazy. That’s one of the dinosaurs you really need to babysit when trying to tame them. But it’s worth it. Therizinosaurus are a knockout tame, so you need to tranq them in order to tame them. The amount of tranq arrows you need for a Therizinosaurus depends on the weapon you use and the quality of the weapon. I would always suggest going for the highest to you available tranq method. Especially with animals with a high torpor drop like Therizinos. The Therizino does not have a headshot modifier. So it doesn’t matter if you shoot the tranq arrows in his face or in his back. They will apply the same amount of torpor.

How to trap a Therizino?

Therizinos are fairly easy to trap thanks to their high aggressiveness. As soon as you go close to them, they will react aggressive towards you and follow you. The trap that has been working fairly well are 2×2 or 3×3 walk in traps that have a ramp and walls out of double door frames or normal door frames. Therizinos can damage stone, they won’t do a lot of damage, so you can build the trap out of stone and should be fine. Don’t build it out of wood or even thatch. They will plough through those like if it was nothing.

ARK Walk in Trap Schematic

What Taming Food does a Therizino need?

This is the list of taming food that you can use on a Therizinosaurus sorted by high taming progress to low taming progress:

  1. Exceptional Kibble
  2. Crops / Vegetables
  3. Mejoberries
  4. Other berries (excluding Narcoberries and Stimberries)

How to keep the Therizino knocked out?

I mentioned above that the Therizino has a high torpor drop. That means that once it gains torpor through arrows or other knockout methods, it will start loosing that torpor very quickly. That means for us the Therizino wakes up pretty quickly. To avoid this, you want to use Narcotics, Narcoberries, Ascerbic Mushrooms or Biotoxin to keep the Theri sleeping. The main difference between Narcotics and Narcoberries is that the Narcotics will give a lot of torpor quickly and the Narcoberries will give little torpor but slowly. Especially with animals with a high torpor drop it proved to be very beneficial to not use Narcotic but actually Narcoberries to keep them sleeping because the slow increase in torpor blocks the actual torpor drop in an animal. If you can afford to babysit the Theri, I would suggest taking a bunch of berries with you, or farm them on sight and keep the Theri knocked out that way. Doing the same with Narcotics with be VERY expensive.

Therizino group with the new updated colors
Therizino group with the new dino colors

How to craft a Therizino Saddle?

Once you reach player level 69 you can unlock the engram for the Therizino-Saddle for 40 engram points. If you find a saddle in a drop before or even a blueprint for a saddle, you don’t have to wait, but you can craft and use them right away in a smithy or similar crafting benches like the Argentavis saddle, Castoroides saddle etc. The crafting ingredients for a primitive standard Therizino-Saddle are:

  • 55 metal ingots or scrap metal ingots
  • 120 wood or wood substitutes
  • 160 fiber
  • 285 hide

Who can carry a Therizinosaurus?

Several other animals can carry Therizinos, making it easier to transport them over the map without having to cryopod them. The smallest animal being able to carry them is the Wyvern. Every flyer up from there will also be able to carry it. On land they can be carried by a Karkinos crab and in water the Tusoteuthis can hold and carry them as well.

What are the different farming/harvest modes in Therizinos?

When your Therizino gains levels it will also gain harvest levels in its menu. You can there decide between Power Harvest and Delicate Harvesting. What is the difference?

Power Harvesting:

Will gather:

  • Wood, Thatch
  • Rare Mushrooms
  • Raw Meat, Raw Prime Meat
  • Raw Fish / Raw Prime Fish
  • Hide, Chitin, Keratin
  • Leech Blood
  • Organic Polymer

Delicate Harvesting:

Will gather:

  • Fiber
  • Silk
  • Rare Flowers
  • Plant X seeds, Plant y seeds
  • Wood, Thatch
  • Sap

You can see some resources can be gathered with both, but the quantities are different, and it also highly depends on which are the sources you are farming.

Which attacks does the Therizinosaurus have?

The Therizinosaurus has 3 different attacks.

One is a power harvest attack where the Theri slaps with his gigantic claws towards its target. On PC this attack is done with Left-click, on the Xbox with RT and on the PS4 with R2.

The second is the delicate harvest attack which looks like the Theri is tickling whatever it is targetting. That’s where the nickname “Tickle Chicken” has its root. On PC this attack is done with the Right-Click. On the Xbox with LT and on the Playstations with L2.

The last attack is the bite attack. It can be used to farm berries or hide and chitin. On PC this attack is on the key C, and on Xbox and Playstation on the Right Stick.

When put on wandering or even just standing close to a harvestable bush or tree, the Therizino will walk around and farm wood and berries on its own. Since the Theri does not have a weight reduction on any resources, it will run full fairly quickly this way.

What does the Therizinosaurus eat?

The Therizinosaurus is a herbivore, so it will only eat berries and crops despite being able to farm raw meat and fish. It will also eat kibble when provided. When you want to heal your Therizino you can provide Veggie Cake.

Baby Therizinosaurus

Does the Therizino have Armor Piercing?

The Therizino does not have 100% Armor piercing but does significantly more damage to natural and player armor than a comparable dino. The Therizino is also one of the few dinos that can damage a player that is riding a dino. There are not many dinosaurs that can target mounted players.

How do you breed a Therizinosaurus?

Therizinos lay fertilized eggs, when mated, that you will have to incubate. You can do this either with air conditionings or you use the Incubator that is in ARK since Genesis 2.

On 1x breeding rates it will take 4 days, 19 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds to have a Therizino baby fully mature. Compared to a Rex which will take 3 days, 20 hours, and 30 minutes.

Unfertilized eggs or fertilized eggs that are not needed any more can be used to craft Exceptional Kibble (yellow).

If you require further infos about how to breed dinos you can check out the guide here.

(Please keep in mind that as soon as you click the play button, YouTube will track your view) 

What stats should I mutate and level on a Therizinosaurus

Depending on what you use your Therizino for, different stats should be boosted. On Fighting and Bossing-Therizinos you want to have life and melee damage boosted. If you want to have a farming Therizino, you will need more melee damage and weight since the Therizino has no weight reduction on the resources it harvests.

How many Color regions does a Therizino have?

In ARK are 6 different color regions and the Therizino uses 4 of them.  Color regions start at 0 and end at 5. These are the regions used by the Therizino:

  • Region 0: Feathers (Feathers on the back and on top of the head.)
  • Region 2: Body Highlights (Belly and cheeks)
  • Region 4: Feather Highlights (Stripe down the spine)
  • Region 5: Main Body ( Mainly sides and legs)

Which bosses can you fight with the Therizinosaurus?

The Therizino can fight every boss you would usually use a Rex for, since they are just as strong as a Rex would be, but compared to the Rex, you can give a Therizino Veggie cakes to heal themselves when taking damage.

The Therizino does amazing at the Dragon Boss fight, when ridden by enough players. Since it is a herbivore, it will take less fire damage.

How to spawn a Therizino? (Spawn code)

admincheat gmsummon "Therizino_Character_BP_C" 150

Will spawn a perfect tamed Therizinosaurus (Level 225)

Spawn exact dino (set the stat points yourself)


I hope you now know more about your new dino-friend and you have a successful play through!