How To See Level Points In Stats Without Mods In ARK

find out the statpoints without mods

If you watched breeding guides, you probably heard about stat points or level points before. Those are the points that go into a stats and then calculates the raw stats this way. We talked about it briefly in the Incubator article. But while modded servers have spyglasses like Awesome Spyglass that make it easy to see those points, unmodded or console players can’t use these tools. I will show you how you can figure out the stats anyway.

Why do we want to see the stat points?

The stat points are a simplified way to display the stats of an animal. You don’t have to keep the long raw stats in mind which are on top different for every animal. You only have to remember the numbers between 0 and 255.

Stat points are also extremely important for breeders because mutations are always 2 stat points more on a stat of a parent. That way you can easily figure mutations out when they happened. Therefore, it’s also essential to know what stat points the parents have.

I am going to show you my favourite methods with which you can find out the stat points on your dinos. Each of these methods has pros and cons. As long as we do not have a tool to see the stat points displayed directly in the game, these are our best options.

ARK Smart Breeding

ARK Smart Breeding is probably the most advanced option to show the stat points of your dinos. You can enter your dino stats (or export-ini if you use Steam as your platform) to the program. You can also type in the stats of your dinos. ARK Smart Breeding calculates the points your dino has.

Library overview for ARK Smart Breeding

Pro: A big Advantage is that you can collect your dinos, compare them and archive them. ASB can even calculate how many points you have already levelled.

Con: You do need a PC that runs the software. So if you play on console because you do not have a pc or laptop—this solution won’t work for you

Egg Incubator

The egg incubator method is a little complicated but in case you play on an official server, and/or you play on console—this is the only method you can use to figure out the stat points of your dino. To understand this method is going to help you a lot.


This is how you do it:

  • Tame the dino you want to tame. Usually that’s a high level dino, but it also works with a low level dino if you take the things I teach you into considerations.
  • After taming the first you need to tame another one who is on the opposite side of the level spectrum. So if your first dino was a high level dino, your next needs to be low level. But of your first was a low level the second has to be high level. It’s important that both dinos are as far apart as possible level wise.
  • Next build an incubator. This item was added with genesis 2. It does not require you to beat a boss to unlock it, but it can be built once you reach level 89. To run the incubator you need a generator.
  • Make a table with Life, Stamina, Weight, Melee, Food, Oxygen, and Movement speed. Depending on the Dino you have the stats might be called differently but just write down the stats the dino has. Keep the table itself empty for now.
How to calculate your highest stat in ARK
  • Now mate the two dinos you tamed. If you get an egg, put it into the incubator and check the stats. First make sure you don’t have a mutation because we want to get the clean base stats only.
Finding the highest points in ARK
  • If a stat has many points, you can assume this is a stat the baby got from the high level parent. So put this into the table. If a stat is really low its most likely from the low level parents so put it into the table for that parent.

Repeat the mating as often as you need until each stat showed the level points of both parents on a baby.

Now you are probably wondering “What do I do when my dino doesn’t lay eggs but is a mammal?

Enable Gestation monitoring on the incubator in ARK

Thanks to a recent very nice update to the incubator you can solve this problem too. You can open the menu on the incubator and activate a buff on yourself. The buff lasts 300 seconds and in that time you can go to every pregnant female and see the stats of the embryo and write it down. You can then cancel the pregnancy, so you don’t have to bother with dino babies you don’t want. The female will switch into the cooldown timer

Pro: You can do this on basically every vanilla server.

Con: you need to be at least level 89 or have a tribe mate with level 89 to build the incubator. It also can take a while depending on your breeding settings.

Admin gun

The third way of finding out the stat points on your dino is when you go into the admin mode. You need to have administrator rights to do so. On your server you type admincheat GCM into the console and if you are in single player you only need to type gcm.

You then get an item that looks like a hammer and a wrench. That’s the admin longneck-rifle that has several functions. The most important one for us is inspect. You can then see the stat points on animals when pointing the gun in inspect mode on it. Important: Only stat points hat are not 0 are shown.

Stat information of the Admin Gun

Pro: You can see the points directly on the animal

Con: You need to be admin to activate the GCM. The GCM will also unlock all engrams including the TEK engrams until you freshly respawn.

Incubator Calculator

The last method is a tool we made ourselves—the Incubator Calculator. It is a web calculator that was made for mobile and desktop that can calculate incubator stats into raw stats or the other way around. For that simply chose the animal that you want to calculate with and enter the points to see the raw stats OR add points until you reach the raw stats you have.

ARKutils Incubator Calculator

those were all the methods on how to see the statpoints of dinos when you are on an unmodded server. maybe that helps you to get access to the stats to compare them proper and build up your breeding group.

If you now want to know how the breeding itself works – how about you check out these two videos. they will give you the needed background knowledge to become a perfect ark breeder.