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ARK Survival Ascended: Console Delays Xbox Mid November, PlayStation End of November

The past week has been a rollercoaster ride for both the development team behind ARK: Survival Ascended and its dedicated community. The PC release of ASA soared to the top of the Steam charts, marking a triumphant high for the game, but it also faced its fair share of post-launch challenges. However, there’s no denying […]

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TSOTF to console this month
The Survival of the Fittest

TSOTF Is Coming to Console by the End of January

It’s official – The Survival of the Fittest (TSOTF) is coming to consoles! This is huge news for the ARK: Survival Evolved community, as it means that even more players will be able to join in on the action. It was a big surprise when Wildcard announced last nightr that TSOTF would be coming to […]

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ARK Basics

Is Crossplay Possible in ARK Survival Evolved in 2022?

Crossplay is the ability to play together with your friends, who play the same game on a different platform. Crossplay is connecting players regardless of their device choice and prevents you as the player from having to rebuy the game in order to play with your friends. Crossplay in ARK Survival Evolved is possible, but […]

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Svartalfheim Release
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ARK News Of Week 38

Looking for what happened in ARK last week? Well let’s have a look into the news for the community for the past week. CodigoAlex gets hired by Studio Wildcard Let’s start with some Wildcard hireing news. CodigoAlex the 19-year-old creator of Arkadia 1 and 2 and the creator of the Titanmap has been hired by […]

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