ARK News Of Week 38

Svartalfheim Release

Looking for what happened in ARK last week? Well let’s have a look into the news for the community for the past week.

CodigoAlex gets hired by Studio Wildcard


Let’s start with some Wildcard hireing news. CodigoAlex the 19-year-old creator of Arkadia 1 and 2 and the creator of the Titanmap has been hired by Wildcard to work on ARK 2. He announced this on his twitter last week. Alex was in the Sponsored Mods Program with the Titanmap and got the highest praise from Co-Founder Jeremy Stieglitz a while ago. For everyone who followed his journey on Twitter—this is a big step for him, and we wish him all the best for his future work.

 CyrusInArk creates a little Bob-MiniMe 🤣

ARK Bob Chibi

As a modder you gotta have fun. Working with the dev-kit can be scarring on itself. Modder Cyrus who goes by CyrusInArk on Twitter created a Bob-Chibi that imitates the players movements and actions. Now you can have your personal “Bring your kid to work” day in ARK if you want to. If you want to see the little Mini-Bob in action, check out Cyrus Twitter Post.

Xbox-Networks temporarily taken down and reset due to an authentication hack

xbox server downNot so nice news for Xbox-Players last week. The Xbox network fell victim to an authentication hack. Malicious users gained access to tribes and destroyed years worth of game progress. Wildcard reacted quick and took the servers down immediately, fixed the vulnerability and then rolled the servers back to before the hack happened, so users would not lose their progress.  The week before a similar vulnerability was fixed on the PC-Network. While having your server being offline is quite annoying, it’s good this was address right away and everyone got their in game belongings back.


Mod map Svartalfheim will be released on 30th September 2022

Svartalfheim Release

After the phenomenal success of Fjordur as the last official community map for ARK 1, modder Nekatus will publish another map named “Svartalfheim“. It will be available for Steam-Users in the Workshop on the 30th September. Svartalfheim resembles the world of the dwarfs in the Nordic mythology in a 33km² big fantasy themed ARK Map. It will also add new creatures via an external mod like new alpha variant of existing dinos and new tameable variants of existing dinos.

Svartalfheim will be a no flyer map. Flyers won’t spawn, and you will not be able to activate flying even if you wanted to. This is a restriction to make the map more challenging and exciting. If you want to see the announcement post by Nekatus and a link to the trailer made by Mave, check out Nekatus Twitter post.

ARK is free to keep on Epic Store until 29th September 2022

If you missed the free to keep event of the Epic Store a while ago and also the free to keep event on stream with the release of Fjordur, then you are in luck because you can get ARK 1 on Epic for free until 29th of September. Just visit  the Epic Store and claim your free copy before it is over. If you want to know the differences between the Epic version and the Steam version of the game, head over to my article where I compare both versions for you.


Tiia is a bilingual Content Creator for the game ARK: Survival Evolved. She has over 12k hours experience in the game and her main interest is the complex breeding mechanic in ARK.

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