Crafting, especially from Blueprints makes endgame tools, weapons, armor and saddles to the player available. All needed to defeat the bosses at the end of each map.

Is Crafting Skill worth it?
ARK Basics Crafting

Is it worth to level Crafting Skill in ARK?

When your character levels up you can put points in the different skills of your char. One of them is Crafting Skill. Is it worth to put points into that skill as you go? It depends. I personally would say to not put points in Crafting Skill in your normal gameplay. You can utilize those […]

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Crafting Featured

What does ‘Crafting Skill’ do in ARK?

Crafting skill helps you to craft better quality items out of quality blueprints. It was previously called ‘Crafting Speed’ and influenced the crafting speed of your character. The ARK Patch 259.0 on 22. June 2017 replaced the skill. Crafting Skill can also help you get better quality food recipies.

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How do Blueprint work in ARK Survival Evolved?

As you level up in the game, you will gradually unlock access to new blueprints. You can then craft these at the appropriate crafting stations. However, these are the standard variants of the items. While these are good and helpful for starters, once you get further into the game you’ll want to use improved versions of these items.

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