What does ‘Crafting Skill’ do in ARK?

How Does Crafting Skill In Ark Work

Crafting skill helps you to craft better quality items out of quality blueprints. It was previously called ‘Crafting Speed’ and influenced the crafting speed of your character. The ARK Patch 259.0 on 22. June 2017 replaced the skill. Crafting Skill can also help you get better quality food recipes.

In order to get the best out of the crafting skill boost, you want to have a crafter character. You can get one either by resetting all your skill points via “Mindwipe Tonic” and then putting them exclusively into Crafting Skill or you make a “Crafting Char” that is not meant to be played, but that is only used to craft from blueprints. That saves you the mind-wipe.

How to craft Mind Wipe Tonic

72 x Stimulant

72 x Narcotics

24 x Cooked Prime Meat

20 x Rare Mushrooms

20 x Rare Flowers

200 x Mejoberries

Water from Waterskin, Glass or Canteen

Make sure to craft two, so you can set your stats back to your normal stats.

How to calculate the bonus from Crafting Skill?

  • For every point in crafting skill you get 10% additional skill.
  • For every 10% skill the upper quality cap of the crafted item is raised by 0.5%.
  • The reference used is based on the crafting skill, extra weapon damage or armour an item has on op of the base value.

Math example on how to calculate Crafting Skill:

The base damage of the longneck rifle is 100%. If we subtract the 100% from the value on this blueprint, we get 170.6 because 270.6-100 = 170.6.

Let’s assume we have 50 points in Crafting Skill which is 600%. We then remove 100 because 100 is our base crafting skill. That makes it 500. Now we divide this by 20 because you get 0.5% per 10% skill. This gives us 25.

25% is therefore the highest boost we can get onto a craft.

25% out of the 170.6 would be 42.65. This is the maximum raw stat increase you can get on this rifle.


313.25 is the highest damage we can get without crafter with 50 points in crafting skill.

Crafting Skill also influences all other values on blueprints. Even durability which is nice because that way you can still get some more durable items out of your prints.

Read more on how to use blueprints and your crafting skill in this article “How do blueprints work?”