Is It Worth To Level Crafting Skill In ARK?

Is Crafting Skill worth it?

When your character levels up you can put points in the different skills of your char. One of them is Crafting Skill. Is it worth to put points into that skill as you go? It depends. I personally would say to not put points in Crafting Skill in your normal gameplay when playing ARK Survival Evolved. You can utilize those levels much better in stats like movement skill or weight.

When you plan on crafting from a quality blueprint on the other hand I would suggest resetting your points with the mindwipe tonic and then allocate all points into Crafting Skill temporarily.  That way you can make (what we call) a “Crafting Character” that uses the full potential of the Crafting Skill while crafting. Once you are done, you can reset your points with the mindwipe tonic again and allocate the points like you normally would. If you want to know how the mechanic actually works, I have made an in depth article about “How the Crafting Skill works.

In ARK Survival Ascended we have a different situation as Movement Skill can’t be levelled anymore. That means you have a lot of extra points to go somewhere. While weight is still a viable option and also Fortitude. Putting a few points into crafting skill to get some extra good stats out of every days blueprints that aren’t worth reskilling for, is actually not a bad strategy. I myself personally have not done it as we have a tribemate who doesnt mind to quickly mass craft set items for the whole tribe but if I was alone in the tribe all by myself I would probably consider it.

This is one of the many examples where ARK Survival Ascended as a remaster is behaving different as the original ARK Survival Evolved. To see and understand these nuances will make you a better and more efficient player over all.