Day: October 7, 2022

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ARK Basics Breeding

The Biggest Mistakes That Slow Down Your Mutation Breeding

When breeding for mutations and practising mutation stacking, you can run into the problem of progressing way too slow. Sometimes this is just bad luck, other times you have influence over the speed of the mutation happening. I will tell you the 5 most common reasons why your mutation stacking is progressing way too slow. […]

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ARK Survival Evolved Fear Evolved 6
ARK News

Fear Evolved 6 – Halloween Event 2022 How does it work

Fear Evolved 6 is just around the corner and the community can’t wait to fight the Dodorex and The Dodowyvern. But what do we know about the event right now? The Event will happen from October 19th to November 2nd Fear Evolved 6 will be happening 2022. Product Manager Dollie posted on Twitter her mood […]

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The Island
ARK Basics The Island

All methods to get Element on The Island

Element is important for the endgame in ARK Survival Evolved and to keep your High-Tek base running you will need a steady supply of Element. But how do you get this supply on The Island? The Island is not an Element friendly place and Element can only be farmed through Bosses or Tek animals. There […]

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