Day: October 5, 2022

Featured The Animated Series

ARK – The Animated Series – Everything we know so far (will be updated)

ARK The Animated Series was announced 2020 on the Game Awards for 2022 – this year to air. From the developer stream we had a few weeks ago, we found out that most of the work has already been done. Right now Wildcard is looking for a streaming platform that wants to take the finished […]

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ARK Genesis 2
ARK Basics Featured

The most popular ARK maps for PvE/PvP

PvE A little while ago I did a poll on Discord to ask my community what their favourite Story Map and Community Map is. The results are somewhat surprising considering how long or short certain maps are available now. PvE – Most popular story maps for ARK (Community voted) Genesis 2 Aberration The Island Extinction […]

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ARK News Featured

Meet Dave Melvin – Concept artist of the creatures you love

If you hear the name Dave Melvin, you may not immediately connect it to ARK Survival Evolved, but you have seen his work as an ARK player numerous times already. Dave Melvin is the Lead Concept Artist at Virtual Basement LLC and created the concept art for many of the creatures until and including Aberration […]

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Ark Mutation Stacking Guide
Breeding Featured

What are Mutations in ARK Survival Evolved?

Breeding and especially mutating creatures are a core game mechanic in ARK Survival Evolved. But what are Mutations, and how do they work? Mutations will boost a random stat by two stat points. They will also trigger a colour change on one of the 6 colour regions that are available. There are ways to target specific […]

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