The most popular ARK maps for PvE/PvP

ARK Genesis 2


A little while ago I did a poll on Discord to ask my community what their favourite Story Map and Community Map is. The results are somewhat surprising considering how long or short certain maps are available now.

PvE – Most popular story maps for ARK (Community voted)

  1. Genesis 2
  2. Aberration
  3. The Island
  4. Extinction
  5. Scorched Earth
  6. Genesis 1

PvE – Most popular community maps for ARK (Community voted)

  1. Fjordur
  2. Ragnarok
  3. Valguero
  4. Crystal Isles / Lost Island
  5. The Center


Since the PvP Community in my Discord is small, I went and pulled the player numbers on the different servers for the different maps and this is what the numbers showed.

PvP – Most popular story maps for ARK (player numbers)

  1. The Island
  2. Genesis 2
  3. Genesis 1
  4. Aberration
  5. Extinction
  6. Scorched Earth

PvP – Most popular community maps for ARK (player numbers)

  1. Fjordur
  2. Ragnarok
  3. The Center
  4. Lost Island
  5. Crystal Isles
  6. Valguero


The winner maps:

The Island:

The Island Overview

The Island is the first map that you will play when starting ARK the first time. It is the map the game has already included by default. It has been very popular through all the years because it is the perfect beginner and learn map for everyone who is new.

It also doesn’t invite rushing for Tek right away, because you have to do the bosses first, and you have almost no other way getting Element.

Genesis 2:

ARK Genesis 2

Genesis 2 is basically the opposite to the Island – You spawn with Tek – You get a free tek suit and Element is basically no problem at all because you can farm thousands upon thousands when the right meteor phase is in space.



Fjordur is the latest and most likely also the last map for ARK 1. It is a community map with a game style similar to The Island but much more filled with content, easier access to Element etc. Fjordur is a map that works as a standalone map because there are so many different challenges you can go for.