Day: September 13, 2022

Is Crafting Skill worth it?
ARK Basics Crafting

Is it worth to level Crafting Skill in ARK?

When your character levels up you can put points in the different skills of your char. One of them is Crafting Skill. Is it worth to put points into that skill as you go? It depends. I personally would say to not put points in Crafting Skill in your normal gameplay. You can utilize those […]

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Explorer vs Ultimate Survivor
ARK Basics Featured

What is the difference between the Explorers- and the Ultimate Survivor Edition?

Looking into all the offers that Studio Wildcard is providing for ARK Survival Evolved you might ask yourself what the ARK Explorers Edition is and what is included in it. The ARK Explorers Edition is the Main game content and then all DLCs that are included in the first Season Pass. So you will get […]

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ARK Survival Evolved Season Pass
ARK Basics

What is the ARK Season Pass?

Have you looked into buying the DLCs for ARK and stumbled upon the Season Passes of ARK and wondered what they meant? If you only have access for a limited amount of time? Let me clear up the confusion for you right away. Two season passes available There are two Season Passes available for ARK […]

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Buy ARK on Epic or Steam
ARK Basics

Should you buy ARK on Steam or Epic?

One question viewers of mine ask me a lot when planning on buying ARK is if they should buy ARK on Epic or on Steam. The answer to this question is—Always buy ARK on Steam and I can tell you why buying it on Epic can be a bad idea. 

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