Element is a toxic alien metal, that can act like an organism and affect animals and humans. First found by Sir Edmund Rockwell.

The Island
ARK Basics The Island

All methods to get Element on The Island

Element is important for the endgame in ARK Survival Evolved and to keep your High-Tek base running you will need a steady supply of Element. But how do you get this supply on The Island? The Island is not an Element friendly place and Element can only be farmed through Bosses or Tek animals. There […]

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Element on Lost Island
Featured Lost Island

All methods to get Element on Lost Island in ARK Survival Evolved

Getting Element on Lost Island can be tricky since it is not a particular Tek-heavy map but there are some ways regardless and I will show you all methods to get Element. You can get Element on Lost Island by fighting the boss, harvesting Tek animals and using Feroxes. I collected some data on which […]

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How to get Element on Fjordur

All methods to get Element on Fjordur in ARK Survival Evolved

In this article we are going to talk about the many different ways you can get Element on Fjordur. Fjordur unlike most other maps is absolutely full of ways to farm or generate Element. I picked out several different methods for you, and I’ll also tell you if they’re more suitable for beginner or advanced gameplay. Note, however, that you will need the unlocks from boss fights to use the element effectively.

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