Mutation Stacking

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The Biggest Mistakes That Slow Down Your Mutation Breeding

When breeding for mutations and practising mutation stacking, you can run into the problem of progressing way too slow. Sometimes this is just bad luck, other times you have influence over the speed of the mutation happening. I will tell you the 5 most common reasons why your mutation stacking is progressing way too slow. […]

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Ark Mutation Stacking Guide
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What are Mutations in ARK Survival Evolved?

Breeding and especially mutating creatures are a core game mechanic in ARK Survival Evolved. But what are Mutations, and how do they work? Mutations will boost a random stat by two stat points. They will also trigger a colour change on one of the 6 colour regions that are available. There are ways to target specific […]

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How do mutation work in ARK Survival Evolved
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How do mutations in ARK Survival Evolved actually work?

You are interested in the nerdiest of the nerdiest topics in ARK Survival Evolved? Breeding and mutations? This is your article! How do mutations work? How do we get double and triple mutations? You will learn this and much more in this article.

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