Svartalfheim: How to get Gold, Energy Crystal, Mithril, Mithril Alloy and Obsidian Flux

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The mod map Svartalfheim by map maker Nekatus was released in Oktober 2022 and is adding new resources to the game that you can turn into different resources. How do you get these new resources? You can get these resources by killing Alphas or Dwarfs. 

How to get Pure Gold Ore in Svartalfheim?

Svartalfheim Pure Gold Ore
Svartalfheim Pure Gold Ore

Getting Pure Gold Ore on Svartalfheim is actually fairly easy. Cluttered on the whole map you can find golden shiny nodes on the ground. If you farm these with at least metal tools, then you have the chance of getting pure gold ore. For now gold ore will smelt into scrap metal ingots but that might be changed in the future. The good thing is here that it smelts into metal ingots 1:1.

Changes to this from October 22nd: Gold ore will now smelt 1:1 into gold ingots when used in a Dwarven Forge. When used in a normal forge, it will smelt to metal 2:1. So the Dwarven Forge is the better choice.

How to get Diamonds on Svartalfheim?

Diamonds where added later to Svartalfheim and can also be obtained by killing Berserk creatures. The text description says “An mighty crystal used by the dwarves to power boss fight gems.” What exactly it can power needs to be determined.

svartalfheim diamonds
svartalfheim diamonds

How to get Energy Crystal, Mithril and Obsidian Flux?

Energy Crystal, Mithril und Obsidian Flux in Svartalfheim
Energy Crystal, Mithril und Obsidian Flux in Svartalfheim

Energy Crystal, Mithril and Obsidian Flux can be collected by killing Alphas on the map. Those three resources will then be in the little bags left behind by the Alpha or it can be found in the inventory of the animal you killed the Alpha with – depending on how much inventory space your animal had left over.

How to get Mithril Ingots and Mithril Alloy Ingots?

Mithril Ingots and Mithril Alloy Ingots
Mithril Ingots and Mithril Alloy Ingots

To get Mihtril Ingots you have to smelt Mithril in a Dwarven Forge. You can find them cluttered all over the map in Dwarf Fortresses or ruins. The forges fuel ist energy crystal. It will turn Mithril to Mithril Ingots. Once you add Obsidian Flux to it, it will turn into Mithril Alloy. Make sure to bring enough material.

Dwarven forge

To fully use the power of the Dwarven Forge since the Energy Crystal powers it for a while, bring also Metal and Gold to smelt it there faster. It works like an early Industrial Forge.

Changes from October 22nd: The Forge can now only smelt the special resources and Metal and Wood cannot be added any more. Mithril and Mithril Alloy need to be “crafted” manually rather that auto smelting. Gold still smelts automatic.

The Forge is now also locked for everyone but the person who started the smelting process.

Mihtril Alloy is needed to start the Bossfights. You craft the Broodmother Gem with 10 Alloy and 3 Artifacts, so make sure to kill a lot of Alphas, to qualify for the Bossfights quicker.