ARK Survival Evolved News and Patch Notes v. 348.2

Cave in Fjordur

Hello Survivors!

Ready for some ARK Survival Evolved News? There have been some big changes to ARK Survival Evolved last Friday. A big patch hit the game that we expected a bit earlier, but the Devs probably wanted to squeeze in as many fixes as possible before sending it out.

Aside from several bugfixes on Fjordur that remained unnamed and cryptic, we got fixes to water volumes, lava volumes, kill meshes and some trees that didn’t want to get harvested can now be harvested. In case I find out what those various unnamed patches contain, I will update this article right away.

There was also quite a big change when it comes to alpha spawns on the new map Fjordur. They are now rarer but when killing an alpha you will get more rune stones which are needed for summoning the mini bosses Beyla, Hati and Sköll and Steinbjörn. In our case, alphas were already rare. We will have to see if this patch provides a good solution for everyone or if we won’t see any alphas at all any more.

Cave in ARK Survival Evolved Map Fjordur

Furthermore, the patch changed the distribution of Element shards on the map. There were big complaints to the lack of distribution of Element shard nodes especially from PvP players because Alphas could control the Element on a map by only holding the Magmasaur cave “Throat of Flames”.

New Element Shard locations on Fjordur

Studio Wildcard removed 70% of the Element shards from that single cave and redistributed them to:

  • Molten Caverns
  • Mount Doom Caverns
  • Balheimr
  • Fire Wyvern Trench

There was also a redistribution of black pearls to

  • Poison Wyvern Trench
  • Lightning Wyvern Trench

Because of problems with the spawns during the past weeks, the Summer Bash Event got an additional few days and will now end on July, 26th. Yay!