ARK News Of The Week 41

Fear Evolved 6 2022

Another week has passed and we want to look into what happened this week in the ARK Community!

ARK Fear Evolved 6 starts Wednesday

This is just a small reminder, that the Halloween Event ARK Fear Evolved 6 will start this Wednesday. I already wrote a long article about what to expect for Fear Evolved 6 and how it works. So check that one out.

Studio Wildcard starts new PvP modus: Limited Download (short: LDL)

The LDL servers will behave like transfer restricted servers that we get every time a new map gets released. Just that their limited transfer is indefinite, so it won’t ever open for import of creatures and resources to the main cluster. You can transfer your existing char TO the server and out again, but only without inventory on you.

You will also be able to transfer animals out but not in.

These are the Rules for the new LDL Servers:

  • Servers will have a LDL in the server name
  • 16 Small Tribe and 16 Regular network servers (split between NA & EU)
  • Maps Available: The Island, Fjordur, Ragnarok, and Lost Island

Explorer Notes Plus publishes on Steam

NeddyTheNoodle pulled a “Me first” on Studio Wildcard and publishes narrated Explorer notes as the Mod “Explorer Notes Plus“. While this is something Wildcard planned and announced on adding into the game at the end if this month, Neddy was quicker. The following notes are already provided with a voice over:

The Island

Helena Walker – (Yani Harris)
Sir Edmund Rockwell – (Elliott Crossley)
Gaius Marcellus Nerva – (Rob Sharp)
Li Mei-Yin – (Mei Konishi)

Scorched Earth

Helena Walker
Sir Edmund Rockwell
John Dahkeya – (Spencer Cannon)
Raia – (Aixa Kay)


Diana Altaras – (Heather Foster)
Li Mei-Yin

I think we need to get an official “Neddys Corner” here in the ARK News because he always comes up with new interesting stuff each week.

The unluckiest boss teleport

The ARK Player “IKATFN_Ark” was just about to teleport into the boss arena when they got jumped by a Kaprosuchus. To everyone who doesn’t know what happens then—when you are about to teleport into the Boss arena and then suddenly the player goes missing—the dinosaurs will be insta-deleted. So unlucky!

And that was it for now. It was a quiet week again, so not as many things happening as usual, but for Fear Evolved, we probably see more interesting things. 🎃