Year: 2024

The Big Changes of the ARK Survival Ascended Mega Patch in May
ARK Survival Ascended

ARK Survival Ascended Patchnotes May 2024

Today a gigantic patch hit the game and changed 113 different things to ARK Survival Ascended, The Island, Scorched Earth and the Bobs Tall Tales Adventure pack. This is the full list of changes: Gigantoraptor has been integrated into the main game and can be removed from the mod list Prevented some structures from being […]

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ARK Survival Ascended adding the Ceratosaurus this month!
ARK Survival Ascended

ARK Is Adding ARK Additions to the Core Game

Big news for the weekend from ARK Survival Ascended. In the last Community Crunch, they announced that the ARK Additions dinosaurs are going to be added to the base game – meaning they will be added one by one to the normal game as we know it without you having to use the mod. That’s […]

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Ark The Animated Series
The Animated Series

ARK The Animated Series – Drifting Away From The ARK Lore?

On April 19th, ARK: The Animated Series was released outside of the USA in selected countries, including Germany where I live, allowing me to watch the first half of the first season. The second half is not available yet, and we also have no information on when it will be released. Therefore, everything in this […]

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A yellow Gigantoraptor
ARK Survival Ascended Featured The Island

Gigantoraptor – Taming, Feeding, Breeding and what to level

The Gigantoraptor was released on February 28th as a mod to The Island on ARK Survival Ascended. It’s start was a little chaotic as it was introduced as a community voted creature for ARK Survival Ascended Ragnarok but then reshuffled to be announced with The Center. When the Center got delayed without providing a new Release date, we got the Gigantoraptor as a temporary mod instead. The Gigantoraptor is also the first new creature that got released with ARK Survival Ascended.

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