Day: October 15, 2022

Fear Evolved 6 2022
ARK News

ARK News Of The Week 41

Another week has passed and we want to look into what happened this week in the ARK Community! ARK Fear Evolved 6 starts Wednesday This is just a small reminder, that the Halloween Event ARK Fear Evolved 6 will start this Wednesday. I already wrote a long article about what to expect for Fear Evolved […]

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Mutated Shadowmanes on Genesis 2
Breeding Featured

Tames That Help You To Breed For Mutations

Breeding for mutations in ARK can be chore even for the ones that enjoy taking care of their virtual animals. In the past years we got more and more tames that would support us in our quest to breed super dinos. I want to show you a list of dinos that will help you achieve […]

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