Turkey Trial 6: The Last Thanksgiving Event

Ark Turkey Trials 6 Guide

Turkey Trial is an annual event during the American thanksgiving time in which you have to kill powerful turkeys to be able to craft skins, items, and summon the DodoRex.

Turkey Trial 6 starts on November 22nd and ends December 7th 2022.

How to enable Turkey Trials 6

To enable Turkey Trials 6 you need to do different steps.

  1. Singleplayer / Console: Check in your settings in the Advanced Menu all the way down the option to enter an event. Use the code TurkeyTrial
  2. Server like Nitrado etc.: Shut down your server and check in the settings the event option. Either set up Official Event and it will activate the event automatically or set to TurkeyTrial in case you want to let the event run longer than official.
  3. Own hosted server: If you host your own server, add this to the commandline:




How does the game mechanic work?

During the event “Super Turkeys” will spawn all over the map in the same spawn regions Dodos spawn. Those Turkey are not aggressive but as soon as you attack them, they will attack you and also get the wildlife around you to attack you. Depending on what kind of dinos are around you, this can be dangerous.

The Super Turkeys have 20k life and a 90% damage reduction. The only way to survive against them is by having a really strong Rex, Giga or any other Dino that does bleed damage. Once you have defeated them, you can loot their inventory for wishbones. These are the crafting material for the event.

It’s pretty straight forward right?


What do I do with the Wishbones?

First thing is you craft a Cooking Pot. A normal vanilla cooking pot, not modded, not industrial. It will contain a folder called “Holiday” and this folder contains all of the event recipes. These can be crafted with the Wishbones. You can also summon a tamed DodoRex at the cooking pot. Collect 400 Wishbones and it belongs to you for the next 25 minutes. Make sure to put the cooking pot you craft it with outside because it will immediately appear next to it.


What event colors are active during the event?

We got a bunch of new colors in addition to the old ones. These are all colors that will be active:

Event Colors Turkey Trial 6

Color ID Color Name
11 Light Yellow
57 DarkTurqoise
83 LemonLime
94 Teal
5 Cyan
12 Light Red
4 Yellow
75 Orange
81 Dark Blue
82 Black Sands
80 Midnight Blue
73 Vermillion
69 Dark Violet
70 Dark Magenta
72 Medium Autumn
77 Light Autumn
71 Burnt Sienna
35 Dino Darker Grey
14 Black
1 Red
56 Near Black
36 Dino Albino
20 Dino Dark Red
17 Dark Red
15 Brown


Are there new Chibis?

There are indeed new Chibis that you can get through killing the Super Turkeys. Not sure what Chibis are? I have an article that explains everything you need to know about chibis.

The new Chibis are:

  • Lymantria
  • Mosasaurus
  • Fjordhawk
  • Tek Stryder
  • Stuffed Glowtail

Unfortunately there are no new Skins but that was expected since making skins takes a long time and the team is busy with working on ARK 2. I hope you now know how to get around in the event. If you want to see everything I have explained in a video, I made this short guide that explains everything: