These 5 tames in ARK Survival Evolved actually hate you


Have you ever wondered if there are tames who can’t stand you at all? And indeed there are. You may think that the little accidents that happened in your base were actually just accidents, but in reality they were planned by a long hand. In this context, you might almost think that these animals just hate you. But is that so?

I have created for you a list of 5 dinos that you may have to be a little careful about because even tamed, they are not necessarily your friends. So do not turn your back on these dinos without paying attention.

5. Magmasaur

Magmasaurs are very popular because they are extremely efficient farmers, can melt metal on the go, and protect us from fire and lava damage. However, they also have self-destructive tendencies if left unattended.

Their first reaction when attacked is not “I’ll defend myself”, no, they emit a pheromone that makes all the animals around them aggressive towards them. Because everyone knows, what is better than 1 enemy? 20 enemies!

And then comes their cluster grenade attack. This damages your own tames and teammates. so should you ever be out with multiple magmas or even use them for a boss fight, keep that in mind.

4. Wyvern

Wyvern are in no way inferior to Magmas. However, I am convinced that they were actively developed to be troll tames. Have you ever tried to pick up a teammate or dino and then right click like any other flyer and burn them away?

OR have you done the breath attack and unmounted so quickly that you died right away because the Wyvern was not finished yet? I think everyone has had that experience.

3. Reaper

With Reapers we already know a little bit what we are getting into. On the one hand, the method of getting a Reaper is tricky and not necessarily pleasant, but to actually get the little Reaper baby you have to be bursting with pride and then you keel over because the little stinker has nibbled your toes. IF, however, you’ve managed to calm it down once, then everything from then on is smooth sailing.

2. Giganotosaurus

If you have managed to tame a Giga, then you can rightly call yourself King or Queen of the ARK, because these dinosaurs are quite a handful when they are wild. Tamed, however, the Giga is still not your best friend. If the Giga gets a lot of damage over a short period of time, it will throw you off and use you as floss. Back in the day, this happened with even the most minimal fall damage, but who can blame him. Stubbing your toes can be painful. However, this has been lessened a bit and enraging a Giga in PvE isn’t so easy anymore. In PvP, however, the brave bite of a Shadowmane is enough to make the Giga value your nutrition more than your friendship.

1. Bloodstalker

This creature loves to eat you. Not only are you practically the food for its taming, but it also uses you as a supply pantry in case it ever needs to heal itself. You’re a walking Capri Sun. I’m talking about the Bloodstalker, of course. The Bloodstalker was added with Genesis 1 and was the reason I didn’t dare to go through certain parts of the swamp anymore. Always in danger of the makeshift Spiderman pulling either me or even my tame up to him with his spider threads and having a cocktail party. Because the Bloodstalker can’t stop nibbling on us even later and doesn’t even shy away from killing us, he deserves the first place in the list of tames that secretly hate us.


Tiia is a bilingual Content Creator for the game ARK: Survival Evolved. She has over 12k hours experience in the game and her main interest is the complex breeding mechanic in ARK.

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