Outgoing Reliable Buffer Overflow – How to fix it, what causes it

Outgoing Buffer Overflow

The network error “Outgoing Reliable Buffer Overflow” is one of the more common error messages in ARK when transferring between two servers in a cluster or joining a server. It means that you character file contains too much data and you time out when trying to load the player data during a loading process. There are several reasons why that might be and therefore there are also several solutions. 

1. You have learned too many Engrams

This is probably the most common issue causing the Outgoing Reliable Buffer Overflow. You have learned a lot of engrams, or you even use a mod that auto learns all the engrams for you. Maybe your server gives you more engram points to learn more engrams. Learned engrams are saved in the character files. The more you learn, the more data they cause.


The solution is to remove mods that auto learn engrams and do a mind wipe using the mind wipe tonic. It will reset all learned engrams. For the mind wipe tonic you need the following ingredients:

  • 24 x Cooked Prime Meat,- Prime Fish Meat,- Lamb Chops or Prime Meat Jerky
  • 200 x Mejoberries
  • 72 x Narcotic
  • 72 x Stimulant
  • 20 x Rare Mushrooms
  • 20 x Rare Flowers
  • Water

Then only learn the engrams you really need. You can regularly mind wipe your character to avoid collecting too many Engrams.

2. Your inventory is too full

Each item in your inventory adds to the data that needs to be moved with your character. Having a full character can trigger the Outgoing Reliable Buffer Overflow when logging onto a server.


The only solutions you have here are either to try over again and hope it gets through one time or to have a tribe mate remove items from your inventory. If neither is an option for you, all you can do now is to contact your admin and ask for help.

3. You carry a lot of Cryopods and / or armor

Certain items store more information than others. Two of those items are cryopods with dinos and armor. The cryopod carries the information of the dinosaur in it and the armor has information saved on armor value, hypothermic and hyperthermic, durability and more. This combined can trigger an Buffer Overflow on your player.


Don’t try to bring all items to a server in one go but travel 2-3 times instead. It may take longer but your items are safer.

What are the risks when getting an Outgoing Reliable Buffer Overflow?

Most of the times nothing will happen. You will get timed out and have to login again. In rare cases you can lose items in your inventory and it will not be able to recover these without an admin. In the worst case your character can corrupt and will be lost. Often all of the above reasons happen in a combination, that’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your Engram-Count and how full your inventory is when travelling. Especially when having the Survivor Items activated and spawning with skins and costumes every time you travel, your inventory can be stuffed quickly.

Another really important reason to not let the game time out cause your inventory is too full is that every time you enter a server, it will freeze shortly in the time you are loading in. When you time out, the server might freeze for longer. On official servers where a lot of travelling happens, you can experience server freezes for 15 seconds to half a minute regularly. It will destroy everyone’s game experience.