How to defeat the Overseer / Tek Cave

Overseer ARK

The Overseer fight is your first “final” test as it will test your qualities as a fighter and finish up your play through on The Island. The Overseer fight has several stages you have to master before you can ascend. Ascension in ARK means that your level-cap will be permanently raised on that character.

On which map does the Overseer spawn?

  • The Island – As the final boss

Group size recommendation: 

Solo Player Boss: ⭐⭐
Group Player Boss: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Dangers of the Overseer / Tek Cave

Tek Cave: 

The Tek Cave is the long passage down the volcano that leads to the final boss room. It is filled with Rexes, Allos, Purlovias and Gigas. Especially the Purlovias who will dismount and stun you and the Gigas with their strong bite and bleed damage can make you lose the fight before it even started.

To counter the Purlovias, bring a Tek helmet to spot them in the ground and then use the Fear debuff of a Yuti to make them come out and run away – in the best case jump into the lava.

To counter the Giga attacks – Have the mount you are fighting with consume a wyvern milk beforehand if you have access to it.  Other than that avoiding fights is always better than taking them and bring enough meat to heal your fighters.


Can you unpod dinos in the Tek Cave?

You will see many tutorials that will tell you to rush down the Tek Cave and then unpod your dinos before the cold area. That does not work any more. The “trick” where you could unpod your dinos has been fixed a little while after the Genesis 2 release. You need to bring all your dinos downstairs on foot that you want to use for fighting the Overseer.


The temperature in the Tek Cave itself is really high. Once you enter the Bubble that leads to the teleporter, it will be insanely cold – that is also true for the Overseer boss arena. Bring a Melee Otter, soups and healing brews together with some points in fortitude and high quality pelt armour, to even this out.

The boss fight against the Overseer:

The fight against the Overseer can be long and painful. During the fight the Overseer will be shielded and spawn the VR versions of the Island Bosses in. They are weaker than their normal counterpart but will hurt your tames nonetheless. The Broodmother is annoying, the Megapithecus has a strong stone throw attack and the Dragon will burn-melt your tames.

The more damage you do, the quicker you will go through these fights. Every time you have killed a VR Boss, the Overseer will be vulnerable for a limited amount of time. Use that time wisely.

In-between you will be swarmed by little Tek Drones and Defense Units. They don’t do too much damage but will slowly take down your armour durability and distract your tames from attacking the actual bosses. Try to clear up the minions with shotguns as good as possible.


Weakness of the Overseer:

When you bring enough tames, you can basically overrun the enemies in the arena. We used Carnotaurus for it – others use Rexes. You can bring up to 50 tames and the only thing that might keep you from bringing more is the micromanagement through the Tek Cave, but with several players you can manage to do this.


Best tames to bring against the Overseer:


  • 1 Yuty per person participating
  • Fill up with as many Rexes as you can afford and handle through the cave

Stat recommendation for the Overseer fight:


  • Rex – Does not need to be mutated decent saddles and imprint will do.
  • Yuty – Imprinted and good saddle, all level points into health


  • Rex – Around 14.3k Health (60 points) around 470% Melee (60 points) birth stats
    • Level evenly to Health and Melee
  • Yuty – Imprinted and good saddle, all level points into health


  • Rex – Around 23k Health (100 points) around 713% Melee (100 points) birth stats
    • Level Health to 45k – rest into Melee, provide very GOOD saddles
  • Yuty – Imprinted and good saddle, all level points into health


While you can fight all three difficulties, I would recommend to just fight the last Alpha Overseer. You will get the increase of the 15 levels on your cap with only that one fight, and you only have to prepare one time.

Ascension Overseer:

After the fight put all your valuables on your Dino as you will see a cinematic and then your character will be respawned on you bed naked and with an empty inventory. Your animals will stand in front of the Tek cave and can be picked up there. By putting your items on your dino, you can avoid loosing expensive armour and weapons and eventual leftover ammunition.



Tiia is a bilingual Content Creator for the game ARK: Survival Evolved. She has over 12k hours experience in the game and her main interest is the complex breeding mechanic in ARK.

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