How to defeat the Megapithecus

Megapithecus Alpha

The Megapithecus is the second boss you will face on the Island, and it’s one of the easier bosses, when you can provide enough armour and damage. This may sound obvious, but the Megapithecus is not a boss with many surprises or effects. He is the perfect target for a relaxed left-click spam boss fight.

On which maps do the Megapithecus spawn?

  • The Island – As the second boss
  • The Center – Together with the Broodmother
  • Valguero – As part of the triple boss encounter
  • Fjordur – As part of the normal bosses

Group size recommendation: 

Solo Player Boss: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Group Player Boss: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


Dangers of the Megapithecus

The Megapithecus itself does not offer many dangers aside from his fairly strong attacks. The dangers are around the Megapithecus – in greater detail—in his arenas. The monkey arenas are usually fairly cold, so make sure to bring some good fur armour. They also often have somekind of insta-death mechanic tames can fall into. That is the case for The Island arena and also for the Fjordur arena.

To counter that, one player will run forward, aggro the boss, and pull it to the area where the player and the tames spawned in. The Rexes stay on passive until the Megapithecus is right in front of them. Then whistle attack.

His strong attacks can be weakened by good saddles, imprints and a Yuty buff on your tames.

The minions he spawns are annoying at best but once you have pretty good tames, it really doesn’t matter.


The best tames against the Megapithecus:


  • 1 Yutyrannusaurus
  • 19 Rexes

Rexes are probably the best choice against the Megapithecus because they just need to stand there, be tanky and do damage. The Yuty is there to buff the Rexes to reduce the damage taken—especially from the big rock throws the Megapithecus does once in a while.

Fun fact: Those rock throws used to dismount and one shot players. That got removed, but you can imagine how deadly the Megapithecus used to be.


Alternative tames that would also work:

  • Allosaurus with good saddles Yuty and Daedon
  • Shadowmanes
  • Carnotaurus with Yuty
  • Therizinosaurus with Yuty


Stat recommendations for the Megapithecus:


  • Rex – Does not need to be mutated decent saddles and imprint will do.
  • Yuty – Imprinted and good saddle, all level points into health


  • Rex – Around 14.3k Health (60 points) around 470% Melee (60 points) birth stats
    • Level evenly to Health and Melee
  • Yuty – Imprinted and good saddle, all level points into health


  • Rex – Around 23k Health (100 points) around 713% Melee (100 points) birth stats
    • Level Health to 45k – rest into Melee, provide GOOD saddles
  • Yuty – Imprinted and good saddle, all level points into health

You can try it with lower stats but expect losses. If you just want to unlock the Tek Engrams, go for it! 


Alternative strategy for the Megapithecus with herbivores

Running from Megapithecus


Since the only thing that really matter for defeating the Megapithecus is damage and damage reduction—herbivores that do a good amount of damage, are pretty good choices too—For example the Therizinosaurus.

A good thing about Therizinosaurus or herbivores in general is, that you can feed them Sweet Vegetable Cake or even just leave it in their inventory, and they will heal themselves. If you choose to use herbivores make sure to prepare at least 5 cakes for each tame and only give it to them once they healed up from levelling health.

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