How to defeat Rockwell (Aberration)?

Rockwell Alpha Guide

Sir Edmund Rockwell is the Villain in ARK Survival Evolved and started as a friend to main character Helena Walker before he felt betrayed by her. After the betrayal he started experiments with Element which he discovered and named Edmundium, right after himself. The experiments would over time mutate him into a monster radiating with toxic element waves. On Aberration we will face Rockwell as a Boss the first time.

On which map does Rockwell spawn?

  • Aberration – as the only and final boss

Group size recommendation: 

Solo Player Boss:
Group Player Boss: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Boss Mechanics of Rockwell:

Rockwell is one of the first bosses in ARK that came with a staged boss mechanic that required the player to do more than just left click on a tame.

On start Rockwell will rise from a liquid Element pool in the middle if the round arena. With him a set of eight tentacles around him will spawn. Each tentacle is it’s only little mini boss that has to be defeated. The tentacles have several mini attacks:

  • Energy balls: Hits the player and will slowly destroy their armor and damage them
  • Slam attack: Hits the player and does damage
  • Electrify: Tentacle touches the ground and electrifies the ground – dismounts and stuns player

Phase 1: Kill the tentacles

In the first phase you need to kill all the tentacles because Rockwell itself is invincible as long as the tentacles are up.

Phase 2: Attack Rockwells Heart

His heart is in front of him when you go down a little path to the center of the Element pool. You have a short amount of time to actually do damage to him.

Dangers of Rockwell:

Rockwell spawns waves of minions that can take out a player and their tames easily. In combination with the stun effect and dismounting, this can quickly end deadly.


Rockwell is a fight that can but shouldn’t be done solo. The more players that can be brought into the fight the better. The arena is fairly big to kill all tentacles alone, you cannot whistle dinos on the tentacles and the window to attack Rockwells heart is very short.

A strategy we used was to mutate Aberrant Megalosaurus and whistle them on Rockwells heart to attack it permanently. Then we used our – on The Island previously unlocked Tek Suit to be able to stay up in the air for the whole fight. With 4 people each could stay at a place where 2 tentacles could be shot with a fabricated Shotgun. As soon as all tentacles where down, the Megalosaurus would do the damage.

Soloing it on Alpha on Officials can be a big time problem as seen in here:

Bringing mutated dinos that attack Rockwell himself should be the biggest help.

Best tames to bring against Rockwell:


  • 20 Megalosaurus

Alternative tames to bring:

People have been using Reapers, Aberrant Stegosaurus, Aberrant Carnotaurus.

Stat recommendation for the Rockwell fight:


  • Megalosaurus – Does not need to be mutated decent saddles and imprint will do.


  • Megalosaurus – Around 14k Health (60 points) around 470% Melee (60 points) birth stats
    • Level evenly to Health and Melee


  • Megalosaurus –  Around 21k Health (100 points) around 713% Melee (100 points) birth stats
    • Level Health to 45k – rest into Melee, provide very GOOD saddles

You can try it with lower stats but expect losses. If you just want to unlock the Tek Engrams, go for it! 

Ascension Rockwell:

Rockwell will give 5 extra levels per Difficulty to the players maximum level cap. If you defeat only Alpha, you will get all 15 levels added to your level cap.

Further information: 


Tiia is a bilingual Content Creator for the game ARK: Survival Evolved. She has over 12k hours experience in the game and her main interest is the complex breeding mechanic in ARK.

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