Carcharodontosaurus – Taming, Feeding, Breeding and what to level


The Carcharodontosaurus was released on November 5th for PC during the ARK Charity Event Extra Life. It is the last Dinosaur that will officially be added to ARK Survival Evolved and therefore concludes the content additions that ARK will experience.

On which maps do the Carcharodontosaurus spawn?

The Carcharodontosaurus spawn on every map that also has Giganotosaurus because it shares the spawning container with the Giga. If you don’t find them on your map, but there are Gigas currently available, make sure to kill the Gigas to free the spawns for the Carcharodontosaurus.

How do you tame the Carcharodontosaurus?

The Taming of the Carcharodontosaurus is a special tame and not a knockout tame like the Giga is. There are two different steps to tame a Carchar.

1. Earn the trust of the Carcharodontosaurus by feeding it dino corpses

carcharodontosaurus trust processIn order for the Carchar to trust you, you need to trap it and then feed it dead dinos, similar to the Fjordhawk. Two things are important: You need to be able to carry the dead dino to the Carchar and the dino species need to have a high drag weight because that decides over the trust process in the beginning.  In order to create Dinos that are still draggable but have a high species drag weight, we will use Baby dinos.

The amount of species that can be dragged by a player is limited. I did a few experiments and found out that dinos above a drag weight of 300 will not produce offspring that can be dragged to the Carcharodontosaurus. 3 different species turned out to be really valuable.

  • Bloodstalker / Bog Spider Babies – Drag Weight: 300
  • Megatherium Babies –  Drag Weight: 300
  • Trike Babies – Drag Weight: 300

Since the Bloodstalker is a paid DLC animal and the Megatherium a mammal, the best animal to use for taming the Carcharodontosaurus is the Trike + Trike Babies. Hatch a few Trike Babies and then cryo them to have them prepared.


Earning the trust process:

  • Uncryo the dino baby and kill it. (make sure to wait a little so it doesn’t despawn right away)
  • Use the radial menu to grab the baby
  • While wearing good armor, drag the baby to the Carcharodontosaurus
  • Wait for the sniff animation and then drop the baby inside the trap in front of it
  • Run backwards, so you don’t get damage when the Carchar eats the corpse
  • Repeat one more time

Feeding Carcharodontosaurus

2. The Taming Process

Once the trust indicator is green, you can mount the dino and ride it. Open up your trap and ride the Carcharodontosaurus out of it and start attacking wild dinos around you. For every kill you will get 1-2% progress on official rates. To get yourself a little heads up in the taming, use Sanguine Elixir next to the Carchar to get an instant 30% taming boost.

You have 600 seconds to get the Carchar to 100% taming. If you fail to do so, it will unmount you once the timer is on 0, and you have to repeat step 1 again and regain the trust. You will not lose taming progress this way. Only the effectiveness will drop by a little.

Once you reach 100% taming, the Carchar will make you unmount it and from now you need a saddle to ride it.

Explanation of the different Buffs and Mechanics of the Carcharodontosaurus

Bloodrage buff:

The Bloodrage buff can be found at the left side of the hotbar of the player. Every time you kill an animal you gain one stack per 2500dmg done to that animal. With a Titanosaurus you can get an almost full stacked Bloodrage buff. The Buff has a maximum of 100 stacks and will give you 1.75% more damage per stack and increase your health regeneration by one. While it will still use food to heal, it will even continue to heal when the food is empty.

  • 100 stacks, 45 second reset time
  • 1.75% dmg per stack, taking base dmg up from 528 to 1452 (Giga is 1000)
  • 1 health regeneration per stack – this uses food but carries on when food is zero

Kill Frenzy buff:

The Kill Frenzy buff will be triggered as soon as you kill an enemy. It lasts 10 seconds and will give you a 60% speed buff on your tame. You will also be able to move much better. The turn radius on the Carchar will be almost 0 because it can turn on the point immediately. The Carchar will be Stun immune while in Kill Frenzy.

  • 60% speed buff for 10s
  • Also affects rotation/manoeuvring speed
  • Stun immune

Shredded debuff:

The Shredded debuff will be applied on an enemy once it gets bitten by the Carchar but not killed. A blue cloud will surround the dino which visualizes the debuff. While the debuff is active, healing is heavily restricted.

  • Active for 9s
  • Reduces healing by 20%

Incited buff:

The incited buff is applied by pressing C or the equivalent on the gamepad while having Bloodfrenzy stacks up. The stacks will be immediatly used up and allies in range will get a 5-second speed buff per stack. Works for allied players and dinosaurs.

  • Active for 5s *
  • Move speed increased

How to craft the Carcharodontosaurus saddle?


The Carcharodontosaurus saddle can be crafted in the Smithy once you have reached Player Level 96.

These are the resources needed to craft it: 

  • 20 x Chitin/Keratin
  • 350 x Fiber
  • 500 Hide
  • 180 Metal Ingot/Scrap Metal

What’s important to know about breeding the Carcharodontosaurus

The basic breeding timers of the Carcharodontosaurus are identical with the Giga. The Carchar needs lower temperatures to incubate tho. To be precisely 38 °C. It should not make a difference with an Incubator.

What are the color regions of the Carcharodontosaurus?

Which are the possible colors the Carcharodontosaurus can spawn in?

BigFoot0 (ID37), Black (ID14), BlackSands (ID82), BurntSienna (ID71), Cammo (ID97), Dark Grey (ID13), DarkCement (ID65), DarkWarmGray (ID62), Dino Dark Brown (ID34), Dino Dark Orange (ID22), Dino Dark Red (ID17), Dino Dark Yellow (ID24), Dino Darker Grey (ID35), Dino Light Brown (ID32), Dino Light Yellow (ID23), Dino Medium Brown (ID33), DragonBase0 (ID42), DragonGreen0 (ID45), DragonGreen1 (ID46), DryMoss (ID98), GreenSlate (ID60), Light Grey (ID8), LightAutumn (ID77), LightWarmGray (ID64) , MediumWarmGray (ID63), Mustard (ID78), NearBlack (ID56)

How much damage does the Carcharodontosaurus do compared to the Giga?

As for right now the Carcharodontosaurus starts with a lower damage when not having build up Bloodfrenzy stacks. Once it has the full amount of Bloodfrenzy stacks, the Carcharodontosaurus does about 50% more damage than a Giganotosaurus with the same amount of stat points spent in Melee Damage.

Which stats should I level on the Carchar?

Just like the Giga, spending levels into health is a waste of time because the increase is just tiny. Therefore, spending all points in Melee Damage is the best choice for the Carcharodontosaurus.

What does the Carcharodontosaurus eat?

Once the taming is finished the Carcharodontosaurus eats raw and cooked meat but also Kibble just like any other carnivore in ARK.

How do I make Carcharodontosaurus spawn on my map?

You need to first make sure that you play on a map that has Giga spawns. Then kill the Gigas to free the spawns for the Carcharodontosaurus since they share spawn containers.

Video Taming Guide

This guide is in a more compact form in this video demonstrating how the taming is done the legit way.


Tiia is a bilingual Content Creator for the game ARK: Survival Evolved. She has over 12k hours experience in the game and her main interest is the complex breeding mechanic in ARK.

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