ARK Survival Ascended Winter Wonderland Full Guide

ARK Survival Evolved Raptor Claus Winter Wonderland

Events in ARK Survival Ascended are special occasions that pop up for a limited time, bringing new challenges and rewards. They are seasonal celebrations, such as Winter Wonderland, where you’ll find new mechanics to do, unique creatures to interact with, and popular collectibles to aquire that are not available for the rest of the year. Events are popular and bring the player base back into the game everytime they are active.

Which Are the Event Creatures Introduces With Winter Wonderland in ARK Survival Ascended?

  1. Pegomastax Grouch (a green oversized Pegomastax)
  2. Santa’s Big Helper Yeti (A Yeti with a christmas hat)
  3. Abominable Snowman (an oversized white yeti with crazy eyes) 
  4. Wild Rideable Reindeer (a megaloceros with deer antlers)
  5. Raptor Claus (a raptor riding its sleigh)

Winter Wonderland Also Introduces a New Mini Game Within the Event:

Fireplace and Tree Event


ARK Survival Ascended Krampus Skin

How to Interact with Event Creatures:

  1. Santa’s Big Helper Yeti
    • Defeat it to collect Christmas hats, mistletoes, and coal.
  2. Abominable Snowman
    • It’s a tough enemy. Take it down for coal and mistletoes.
  3. Pegomastax Grouch
    • Create Gift packages at the smithy. Let it steal 3 items from your inventory (not hotbar) to receive multiple small gifts.
  4. Wild Rideable Reindeer
    • Use carrots in slot 0 to mount. Fly and press ‘F’ when prompted in the mini-game. Difficulty increases with each attempt.
  5. Raptor Claus
    • Every midnight, Raptor Claus drops presents across the map for players to gather.

Fireplace and Tree Event:

  1. Set up a bed, crafted Christmas tree (from the smithy), and a fireplace.
  2. Make a letter with mistletoes and coal in the fireplace, choosing a weapon, saddle, armor, or dino.
  3. Plan this in the morning.
  4. Gain “naughty” by killing passive animals or “nice” by defeating aggressive ones. Your status shows at the bottom right.
  5. Lay in bed next to a christmas tree at midnight and wait for Raptor Claus to bring you either nice or naughty gifts.
    1. “Nice” may reward good gear or event-colored animals in a cryo.
    2. “Naughty” spawns aggressive creatures or other items like poop and crop plots.
    3. There’s a chance to get the Krampus skin during this event when athros spawn and you’re full naughty leveled.

Additional Event Content:

  • Craft skins and emotes using coal and mistletoes in the smithy.
  • The map provides various event colors for taming.
  • The Tree Event may require a lot of effort for the rewards, sometimes resulting in only basic gear or low-level dinos, regardless of achieving “nice” or “naughty” status.