ARK News Of The Week 46

Paleo ARK Carno

A little belated ARK News out here! Sorry for the delay there was some personal stuff going on here and I took a few days off but I hope you are excited about what news have been collected over the past days.

ARK Conquest Cup Natural Cauzes Edition powered by


First of all this weekend will be the ARK Conquest Cup, where 5 teams battle against each other on Valguero. Everyone was allowed to apply for participating and the winner Team can win $5000 in price money. It will take place on the 26th on the Conquest Cup Twitch Channel. The time is 4pm CET (check for when that is in your timezone). The event will be hosted by NaturalCauzes, So make sure to check it out next Saturday.

New Cave Screenshots for Svartalfheim

Nekatus published new screenshots for caves in Svartalfheim he is working on. The Ice Cave is supposed to be the hardest cave in ARK so far. So be prepared. We don’t know yet when the caves are added to the map but keep an eye on Nekatus Twitter for any updates.


Event Trees?

ARK Blue Trees
ARK Blue Trees

Twitter User Eve Olved found a funny glitch in the game turning trees blue. Check her clip on Twitter.


Very authentic Aberration experience


TheAx3Man on Aberration
TheAx3Man on Aberration

YouTuber TheAx3Man is currently recording his 100 Days of Aberration and shares a very authentic experience we all had there. Check his clip on Twitter.

Aberration Story Part 1 by Neddy

NeddyTheNoodle has uploaded his first part of The Aberration Story. Have a look:

Beautiful Gacha

User ARKLove9 shows her beautiful pink Gacha 🌸🌺 Check out her Twitter:

Pink Gacha by ARKLove9
Pink Gacha by ARKLove9

ARK Kitty!

We have seen so many creative ARK builds, but check out this one by User キッシー! It’s a kitty 😻 Check out their Twitter Account!

ARK Cat by キッシー

New Carno model in ARK Additions Mod

UpFromTheDepths has updated his Carno model for Paleo ARK. He wasn’t happy with the previous one and this is the new one.

Paleo ARK Carno
Paleo ARK Carno

Next weekend is a holiday weekend in America therefore the next weekend might be low on actual ARK news but I am happy to share a lot of Turkey Trial 6 Community accomplishments ♥ Enjoy your week end I will see you again on the weekend!


Tiia is a bilingual Content Creator for the game ARK: Survival Evolved. She has over 12k hours experience in the game and her main interest is the complex breeding mechanic in ARK.

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