ARK News Of The Week 45


Hello Survivors!

After last weeks Extra Life Weekend, there is a lot we can talk about in this weeks ARK News. We have some Svartalfheim News, Some ARK 2 News and overall a lot of Community related News. So many News. So let’s get started!

ARK 2 Ankylosaurus Concept art and more to come

ARK 2 Ankylosaurus Concept art
ARK 2 Ankylosaurus Concept art

Many players where fairly disappointed to not see any News about ARK 2 in the Extra Life event last weekend. To ease the sadness a little, we got concept art of the new Anklylosaurus from ARK 2. It is a lot spikier and less clunky than the ARK 1 version. Here for comparison:


And there is most likely more art to come because the art director of ARK 2 had an exciting week:


He is a cool dude by the way so give him a follow while you’re at it.

SOTF Re-Evolved announced

This technically happened at the Extra Life Event but we have not talked about it quite yet. In December of this year there will be a prototype of “The Survival of the Fittest Re-Evolved” for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. Nintendo Switch will be added early 2023.

Don’t think The Survival of the Fittest Re-Evolved will be SOTF 1:1. It will have RTS mechanics that haven’t been used in Battle Royale games yet. Each team has a RTS-Captain who will command animals but will also be able to turn into one of the tamed animals and attack that way. If a human player dies, the player will also go into the RTS mode and can become a dino. You are only eliminated from the 30 min match when every single one of your tames is dead as well.

Responsible right now are Jat and CodigoAlex, a name we have heard a few times already. If the game mode is successful, it might get integrated into ARKs portfolio of games. If not then they have at least tried it.

Here is the trailer:

We don’t see anything now in the trailer other than old material of the old SoTF game. But it’s also just a teaser trailer. So we keep our eyes on it.

ARK Additions is a sponsored mod now

Modder Garuga123 managed to get one of the very rare spots of the Sponsored Mod Program and now gets paid by Wildcard to work full-time on ARK Additions.

ark additions

ARK Additions adds new unique creatures to the game that have previously been offered as different mods. If you want to try it out yourself: You can find the mod here on steam.

Svartalfheim will add Wyverns

The new map Svartalfheim made by Nekatus will add Wyverns to the dino spawns. Now you may think “wait but it’s a no flyer map!” It is. The Wyverns won’t be tameable and also won’t lay eggs. They are dangerous cave minions in one of the new caves Nekatus is working on. Have a look:


Neddys ARK Switch Review

The ARK Switch Version has been released and Neddy has put out a video reviewing it and comparing it to the Steam Deck.

Creator spotlight:

Yosi shows some dodging skill on Fjordur when hunted by some Arthopluera.

Look at these adorable Skelly dinos by falco_luna

This official player showed some stamina by creating this amount of solid Shadowmanes!

Want to see an amazing dino building in ARK were the building IS the dino? Look no further!


I hope you liked this little collection of ARK news from Wildcard and the community! Make sure to follow the creators! The next news will be here next weekend!