10+ ARK Challenges To Test Your Skills And Challenge Your Friends

The most fun ARK challenges

How about we do something new in ARK today? How about a challenge? Sounds great but you have no idea which challenge? No problem, I collected a list of many challenges that take short or long and anything in between for you to try out alone or with your friends. We all know gameplay can get stale after 10k or more hours of playing the same game, so mixing it up once in a while can be fun. Feel free to change up these challenges as you want and make them your own as you go.

100 days of ARK (Hardcore)

  • Beat an ARK-map of your choice within 100 in-game days
  • Alternatively if you want to make it a little harder, try it “Hardcore” so if you die, you have to reset the map and start with a fresh character
  • This is a very popular challenge on YouTube at the moment

ARK Speed run any map

  • ARK is part of the website speedrun.com, so you can see the speed run rules there
  • Finish a map within their rule set and settings faster than other users on there
  • If you record it, you have the chance to enter the leaderboard

No tame challenge

  • ARK offers the server-setting to disable taming
  • Wildcard made first experiments on a limited amount of “no tame” PVP servers back then
  • Beat the game without being able to utilize dinosaurs
  • Make sure to raise the rates, because farming will take too long otherwise
  • Consider changing your character stats slightly as well, especially weight per level

Artefact speed run

  • Try to get all artefacts that are on a specific map in the shortest amount of time

Herbivore / Carnivore only challenge

  • Try to beat the game by using only herbivores or carnivores
  • Include/exclude omnivores for a higher or lower difficulty

Building challenges survival / creative

  • Challenge your friends to build either with a fixed theme or in a limited amount of time
  • Survival requires them to farm everything they need
  • Creative gives them creative mode to have access to all materials right away

No-flyer gameplay

  • One of my favourite game plays are no flyer  to disallow any flyer
  • Server setting for disabling flyer riding (still can be tamed)
  • Ground play has very special challenges in itself

Colour- and Stat breeding challenge

  • The first to have a solid coloured animal in a specific colour
  • The first to reach a specific stat with mutations

Baby only run

The baby only run is a specifically interesting challenge for ARK Survival Ascended. Can you beat ARK by only claiming wild babies? As we know ARK Survival Ascended has wild babies running around with their parents that dont have to be tamed the classic way but you can claim them once the parent is dead. Collect the most dangerous creatures as babies and try to beat the game this way just like Chaotic Gaming did in his 100 Days ARK.

The first to (…) challenge

  • Little challenges that can be done during the normal gameplay
    • tame a specific animal
    • get a specific item
    • beat a boss
    • collect a wyvern/rock drake egg
    • surround the map
    • build a specific structure
    • craft something
    • reach a specific level
    • collect a specific amount of resources
    • … be creative